Meet our tEAM


Jacqui Crowder

Well-being Mentor

From school I spent 10 years in banking and the past 20 years running my own nursery school businesses.

I’ve practiced meditation since I was 10 years old and taught various techniques for over the last 15 years.


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Roxanne Brown


I have just finished my A level’s, I had planned on going to university to become a teacher but have decided to put that on hold for now and focus my time teaching Green-hearts techniques, I am currently working in the city.

I have meditated since the age of 12.


Nicola Tookey Nicola Tookey
After 35 years working in the banking industry, I now work part time in a village pub and have a online business in the Heath and Wellness Industry
Lillie Nelson Lillie Nelson
I was lucky enough to find Green-Hearts in my final semester at university, I studied economics and am now going to start my career in banking. I started meditating irregularly in January 2019
and now meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.

Laila Spickett

Well-being Mentor


I hold a diploma in Hair, Media,
Make Up and Special Effects.
I now run my own business,
Mua By Laila.  I meditate daily.

Millie Owen Millie Owen
After spending four months in Australia, meditation was introduced to me.
On returning to England I learnt to meditate.
Meditation has become part of my life.
I am currently working in London as an Insurance administrator.