What is Green hearts mindfulness and meditation

Mental health is a major issue in our society today. Green-hearts is a wellbeing business that has been set up to offer mindfulness and meditational techniques, to help improve and maintain a healthy state of mind. We voluntary visit schools to teach our younger generation strategies that will help them to cope better with the pressures of modern day living. We also offer our service to business and private sessions to individuals which helps to fund our school programme. Our practices are easy and effortless to do and the benefits are profound. Our thoughts control how we feel, we cannot stop our thoughts. Trying to stop them is like trying to stop the wind, it can’t be done! However, just as you can step inside and observe the wind without it affecting you, you can step aside from your thoughts as if they are chatting away in another room not affecting you. The mind is like a pond, your thoughts churning up the water making it murky so nothing can be seen clearly. Let the water be still and the mud will settle at the bottom and all can be seen. By learning to settle your mind and be still, in that stillness you to will start to see clearly. The great Buddha once said “What you think you will become”

Why Meditate?

Meditation is very hard to explain as it is beyond the senses. It is a bit like trying to explain chocolate, to hold it in your hand yuck, but oh boy, once you’ve tasted it you’re hooked! It can only truly be experienced from within. Life is like a journey across an ocean, you never know what each day might bring… a calm sea, a rough sea or a stormy life threatening sea. With regular practice of mindfulness/meditation, you have the same journeybut the experience is similar to that found at the bottom of the sea where it is blissful, calm and peaceful. No matter what is going on in your life, you can remain in this state of being. However, just as an olympic athlete has to put time and effort into reaching their goal, you have to be regular with your practices to achieve this state of being

Square Breathing easy exercise To help relive stress

Our square breathing technique has proven to be extremely popular it was devised from the Bhagavad Gita an ancient text dating back over 5000 years.
Quote: Concentrating between the two eyebrows, suspending the inward and outward breaths within the nostrils, controls the mind, senses and intelligence, one
becomes free from desire, fear and anger.
Instructions on this technique can be purchased from our shop in a handy credit card size to fit into your wallet or purse to prompt you to keep regular with this practice anytime anyplace anywhere, which will help relieve the mind of stress. Also available is our leaflet with various other techniques.

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TESTIMONIALs : How it helped me

I started mindfulness/meditation when I was 12, I was struggling in school with friendship groups, not eating, not sleeping and generally just saw my life as very negative.

Using mindfulness/meditation techniques my life completely changed, it made me more aware and helped me to realise that I can’t let other people’s actions determine how I feel. With my aspiration of being a P.E. Teacher the techniques have thoroughly helped me through the stresses of GCSE’s and now my A Levels, without these techniques I truly believe I would not have accomplished the grades in which I did; it kept me calm, positive and confident throughout my exams.

I hope that mindfulness/meditation reaches many more lives out there as it has truly made me the person I am today.

Roxanne 18 Essex


Hi, my names Laila. I started mindfulness/meditating to generally learn how to cope with the daily stress’ I put on myself and the anxiety that unnecessarily caused, which was becoming destructive to my sleep, leaving me feeling low in energy, unfocused, unmotivated & generally feeling unwell.

Using green hearts techniques has dramatically shown me to live more in the present, its helped me to stay focused, and level headed which ultimately is helping me to achieve my future career goals, and mainly noticing a big difference in my sleep.

I’ve found I am able to make better judgments and connections based on what’s put in front of me in life which provides me with a sense of calm confidence that comes with being in control of myself and the thoughts that come.

I wish I had found mindfulness/meditation sooner, the results are life changing.

Laila 20 Essex


I have suffered with anxiety since studying for my A Levels.  After having a traumatic birth in my late 20s I was diagnosed with PTSD and suffered with a form of health anxiety.  My doctor wanted to put me on medication but I didn’t feel this was right for me as it was not dealing with the underlying issues.  I then discovered meditation which gave me the tools to cope so much better with my anxiety.  I have used the techniques to get me through many situations that cause me anxiety.  I no longer spend hours worrying about past events and worrying about the future and feel calmer in myself with a lot less nervous energy.  Along with a healthy diet and exercise I feel like I can live with anxiety as I recognise it when it rears its head but I know I can cope and it will pass.

Julie – 37 Essex


I started Green-hearts mindfulness and meditation techniques at Easter while revising for my GCSE’s.  Before I started, my stress levels were so high it got to the point where I was crying every day. My spots broke out like crazy and I just generally felt quite down. I meditated daily and developed a completely new way of looking and thinking about things. I came to realise a piece of paper or a grade doesn’t define who I am.  From then on I became so mindful of my wellbeing. The square breathing bought about a calmness I had not experienced before.  So many of my friends were affected mentally by the pressure of exams. I found myself trying to help them through it and it was so strange to see my techniques were not only helping me but others around me. I think learning mindfulness and mediation techniques are so important and I can’t believe how I ever coped without them.  I now think positively rather than letting my mind tell me I can’t do things. During one of my exams I opened the page and started to panic I couldn’t answer the question. I closed the paper did some square breathing, started again and finished the exam answering every question.

Lucy – 16  Essex


I was at an audition to get into acting school.  I was really nervous and I started shaking and panicking.  My mum tried to calm me down by saying breath. I then remembered the square breathing I had been taught at school. I started to do this, it really helped and I started to calm down and relax.  During my audition I had to change characters, again I did a few rounds of square breathing and was able to change characters with ease.  There was only 7 spaces to get into the school 1000’s applied and I’m please to say I got offered a place.

Mahlia –  16 Essex



While going to my weekly yoga class I was introduced to yoga Nidra Meditation and Mindfulness

I started listening to guided Meditation of an evening but felt I wanted to learn more on a personal level, luckily for me a friend told me to get in touch with Jacqui and the time was right to start my journey.

Jacqui is so knowledgeable I have learnt so much from her… I now think before I speak (most of the time) I’m much calmer, less stressed, when I find myself in uncomfortable situations I’m able to control my emotions and feelings much better.

I’m less hard on myself now and enjoy living a slower pace of life and live life in the moment.  I tell myself that everything is ok,  it’s all part of the journey.

If I have negative thoughts I switch it to a positive however small, when I now get stressed I notice this and am able to do my square breathing to calm me down and am able to laugh at more situations.

I have passed on the square breathing technique to my friends, family and even my clients. My husband says he has noticed a big change in me since starting my Meditation.

I now can see that I deserve and except love!!


Claire 46
Soul Beauty


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